The future of insurance has arrived.

Etherisc is disrupting insurance.

Risk is traditionally shared in an inefficient, intransparent, and closed insurance market which is dominated by few large players. We will create a new peer-to-peer marketplace for risks on the Ethereum blockchain which is automated, autonomous, transparent and accessible to anyone.

Imagine a world where your insurance company is a Smart Contract anyone can read and copy, where payouts for insured and investors are nearly instant, where transactions are provably secure, source code is open source, and regulators are happy with real-time audits being an API call away.

What does your insurance do when its not doing insurance?

Dominated by a few large players, the value chain behind insurance products is highly inefficient. The way investors buy risk has not changed much in the past five hundred years. Until now.

Insurance For The Rest of Us

Nearly instant enrollment, (semi)automated claims, fully automated payouts, and utility based pricing are just a few qualities of an insurance product we consider as “minimum viable”. How about crop insurance that pays dividends?

Business Model Innovation

Compared to traditional insurers and reinsurers, our business model is not based on asset management, or the difference between collected premiums and payouts. Instead, our revenue model relies on research and operation of risk calculation models, and optimizing supply and demand (removing inefficiencies from the value chain).

Real-time Compliance

Would you like automated daily alerts against solvency capital requirements (SCR)!? Ask us about how smart contracts allow auditors sift through immutable records of (non)compliance and various risk parameters (such as value at risk, expected shortfall, etc).

Tokenized Bonds

Institutional and retail investors can buy tokens, issued by a smart contract controlling a pool of insurance policies, just as easy as they can buy 100 shares of Amazon.com stock through their brokerage account. Let the crowd in!

I didn't think the UX would be this smooth,but the future is here: Try @metamask_io + http://fdd.etherisc.com.

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